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Your RISK Management Consultancy


Grand Power Consultancy is a professional and reliable financial services which represent Tokio Marine Life Insurance. We offer a range of services in risk management planning, child education planning, estate planning, retirement planning , wealth accumulation and more. We will provide you with the best choices to meet your financial needs.

In today’s world, people are getting more conscious and aware on the importance of financial planning. We continue to train efficient service team to introduce and provide the best financial security plan that suitable for you and your family.

Our team of highly experienced and trained professional in insurance industry. We strive to understand and meet every customer’s needs and we promise to deliver the best quality of products and services.

Gmi Leong
Founder Of GPC

Grand Power Consultancy 是代表 Tokio Marine Life Insurance 的专业可靠的金融服务。 我们提供一系列风险管理规划,儿童教育规划,遗产规划,退休计划,财富积累等服务。 我们将为您提供满足您财务需求的最佳选择.

在当今世界,人们越来越清醒地意识到财务规划的重要性。 我们不断培养高效的服务团队,为您和您的家人介绍并提供最佳的财务保障计划。

我们的团队经验丰富,训练有素的专业保险行业。 我们努力了解和满足每一位客户的需求,我们承诺提供最优质的产品和服务。